Morita-san has spent his entire career pursuing the essence of Japanese seafood cuisine. Starting as a fisherman in his youth and once sponsored by Shimano, he knows every possible seafood availability and seasonality. After mastering skills in Japanese cuisines, he then journeyed around the world to study food of other regions. Learning from the essence of varieties of cooking styles especially Italian cuisine and Korean cuisine, Hirobumi is perfecting his skills in Japanese seafood cuisine.

Spending time in the Tsukiji Fish Market for about 10 years, he committed to Sushi Mafia as a co-founder.

“Seafood is a major part of Japanese cuisine. Understanding seafood is an important part of learning traditional home cuisine (and it helps me to be a popular dad at home). I’d love to share the wonder of Japanese cuisine with you. People say I look younger than I am; probably thanks to fish?”

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