Hori-san started his career at a famous cooking college in Tokyo. While still in the school, he decided to see world’s top culinary culture and moved to study in Paris and had severe training under Mr. Alain Senderens, who was a leading three star French chef credited as one of the founders of Nouvelle Cuisine.

Soon after, however, he realized that his style doesn’t match to French cuisine so he come back to Japan and decided to pursue Japanese cuisine. Started to gain the training at a century year’s old Japanese cuisine establishment in Ginza, and he got promoted to the head chef in just 3 years. Spending 6 years there in total, opened a Japanese restaurant in Mexico. Coming back to Japan after it, started his own restaurant in Tokyo for 15 years.

After some experiences at Tsukiji, he joined to Sushi Mafia.

“People often say like there is certain form for Japanese cuisine and you have to obey it, but in fact you have to obey your sense and internal voice instead. Taking things easy, just do as you see and feel, then you can make 30 dishes from a ingredient for example : 1 equals 30. This way of thinking is the most important for Japanese cuisine. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.”

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